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Strengthening Security: Why LPS 1175 Standards are Recommended

When it comes to securing your property, there’s no room for compromise. The threat of forced entry, theft, and security breaches looms large, making property owners seek the most robust security solutions.  

Nothing beats the reliability and trustworthiness of LPS 1175, the ultimate security standards.  

LPS 1175 gains its high regard through independent certification by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), operating under the esteemed BRE Global. It is widely recognised and respected as a benchmark for assessing the physical security performance of various products and systems, including industrial roller shutter doors and security doors, windows, shutters, and grilles.  

Ensuring Resistance to Forced Entry and Attacks  

LPS 1175 sets high standards through rigorous testing, assessing the resistance of security products against forced entry and attacks. Certified products have undergone extensive testing, proving their ability to withstand intruders’ various tools and techniques. 

In the realm of industrial roller shutter doors, LPS 1175 reigns supreme as a reliable and trusted security standard.   

Here are four reasons to trust LPS 1175 for Industrial Roller Shutter Doors 

  1. Greater Security 

 The primary objective of the LPS 1175 standard is to ensure that security products provide a high level of protection against break-ins. By opting for products that meet LPS 1175 standards, property owners can confidently enhance the security of their buildings and properties, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorised access. 

2.  Compliance with Insurance Requirements  

Many insurers require compliance with specific security standards, including LPS 1175, to maintain valid insurance policies. By utilising LPS 1175 certified products, property owners can fulfil their insurance requirements, eliminating potential complications in the event of a security breach and ensuring a seamless claims process. 

3.Wide Range of Products  

 One of the key advantages of LPS 1175 standards is the comprehensive coverage across various security products. From doors and windows to shutters and grilles, property owners can select products that best suit their unique security needs. This wide range of options empowers them to make informed decisions tailored to their specific requirements. 

FOUR: Trusted and Certified 

 The LPS 1175 standard is widely recognised in the security industry and holds the trust of property owners, architects, and specifiers.  

In the realm of industrial roller shutter doors, LPS 1175 is the most reliable and trusted security standard. Its rigorous testing process ensures unrivalled protection against forced entry and attacks, giving property owners the peace of mind they deserve. LPS 1175 enjoys widespread recognition and respect from insurers, specifiers, and end-users, thanks to independent certification by the LPCB.  

The LPS 1175 standard has recently undergone updates to further enhance its effectiveness and provide more detailed sub-levels and definitions. The inclusion of additional sub-levels and definitions allows for a more precise assessment of the performance and resistance of security products against forced entry and attacks. This increased granularity provides stakeholders with a better understanding of the level of protection offered by LPS 1175 certified products.  

Choose Arrow Industrial Doors’ range of LPS 1175 certified roller shutter doors for unrivalled security and peace of mind. 


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