Sectional Overhead Doors - Industrial, Steel Roller Shutters

Built to precision

ArrowSectional Doors are designed and manufactured using the very latest technology. Our sectional overhead doors are designed for industrial use, offering robust steel construction and insulated panels for energy efficiency. 

Their finish is robust and detailed, as demonstrated by the metal or aluminium end caps, the reinforcement profiles and the anodized aluminium sub-profiles. 

Sectional Overhead Doors


High Quality, Industrial Overhead Doors

These sectional doors can be used as roller shutters in various industrial settings, with high thermal insulation and sound-absorbing qualities.

Flexibility is everything in the manufacturing process, and sectional overhead doors are a true all-rounder that perfectly combines price, performance and application options. 

Numerous types of built-in windows with differing heights and widths make-up the range, as well as a variety of standard in-house colours.

ArrowSectional Doors are subject to constant and intensive durability tests. In these tests, the prototypes open and close numerous times, after which they are assessed by experts. 

This constant attention to quality and safety has proven that our sectional doors and their physical qualities are fully EN13241 compliant and are CE certified.

Our sectional doors ‘ numerous mechanical and electronic qualities are checked with thorough tests. These tests mean that each tested physical quality (wind class, air permeability, water ingress, thermal, acoustic) receives its own classification, making comparing similar products from different manufacturers easier.

The choice of design, materials and colours are endless, which means the door can always be perfectly configured to meet your design.

  • Energy saving, high thermal rating, climate control
  • Aesthetics: a wide range of finishes and colours available
  • Light transmittance, various options available
  • Electrically or manually operated
  • Fast acting versions available
  • Can be automated using radar, radio remotes, induction loops

Steel & Insulated Roller Shutters With A Modern, Versatile Design

ArrowSectional Doors have a modern design that unifies excellent thermal insulation with sound absorbing qualities using either:







The insulated panels of the sectional doors are manufactured using what is known as the sandwich method, a process that entails a layer of CFC-free rigid polyurethane foam being inserted between two zinc-coated steel plate sheets and glued in place.

Glazed sectional doors can be equipped with plastic window frames of various levels of quality and with different insulative values, colours and builds. Go for coloured glass or hollow-core plates, play with the divisions or combine various panels with the aluminium sections for a great result. Thanks to the plethora of design and application options, our sectional door is particularly useful if you want to combine an attractive design with optimal light transmittance.

Case Studies

ArrowSectional – Sectional Overhead Doors

Our sectional overhead doors offer a versatile design with high thermal insulation and customisable options. These industrial roller shutters come in various sizes, colours, and configurations, providing flexibility for different environments as illustrated in our client case studies below. 

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