Rubber & PVC
Swing Crash Doors

Seamless traffic flow and easy access

ArrowLine Flexible Ruber & PVC swing Crash Doors, manufactured in the UK, are designed for high-traffic environments where durability and flexibility are crucial.

These industrial crash doors feature transparent PVC panels, providing clear visibility for enhanced safety.

The doors’ automatic self-closing feature allows for smooth traffic flow, making them ideal for personnel, vehicles, and equipment.


Transparent PVC panels for crash door visibility

Designed for heavy usage, they ensure smooth traffic flow and easy passage of personnel, vehicles, and equipment. With transparent PVC panels, our doors enhance workplace safety by providing clear visibility, allowing employees to anticipate potential hazards.

Engineered for insulation, they create a comfortable, controlled environment, protecting against temperature fluctuations, noise, and dust.

  • Constructed from high quality robust materials
  • Mild steel powder coated frames ideal for heavy traffic and forklift usage
  • RP gallows frames (zinc or stainless-steel jambs and hinge arrangements) are ideal for chilled or wet area usage where constant power cleaning and washing down are necessary.
  • Lightweight coloured PVC or heavier duty rubber panels
  • Variable sized vision panels for visibility and safety in use

Benefits Of ArrowLine Swing Crash Doors

ArrowLine Flexible PVC Crash Doors have an automatic self-closing feature that allows for smooth traffic flow and easy passage for personnel, vehicles and equipment. This helps to improve busy traffic flow while preventing the flow of dust and fumes.

The doors are successful at retaining either heat or chilled air which makes for cost effective heat retention and the reduction of fuel costs.

ArrowLine Flexible PVC Crash Doors will keep out any unwanted visitors such as birds and insects and massively reduce traffic noise, creating a safer and more productive workplace environment.

Options & Finishes

  • Powder coated mid-steel
  • GRP frame with:
    • Zinc Plated Jamns and Bommer Hinges
    • Stainless Steel Jambs and Bommer Hinges

Full UK manufacture

Bespoke sizes

Crash Doors In Use: Case Studies

Flexible PVC Crash Doors

Our crash doors have been successfully installed in various high-profile projects. For more information on how ArrowLine Crash Doors can benefit your business, contact us today. We offer bespoke sizes and full UK manufacturing.

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