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Swift access for maximum efficiency

ArrowSpiral Doors open 6 times faster than similar sectional doors, therefore, they are extremely suitable in an environment where you have intensive logistic movements. 

This door opens fast, up to 1.1m per second depending on the door size. Real savings on the energy cost can be achieved with this system.

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Accelerate operations with unmatched speed

ArrowSpiral has a revolutionary spiral system with specially designed rollers and an uninterrupted chain-steel-cable system with direct drive. This patented system is a key contributor to the sleek design of the door.

The spiral door is a high-speed door which consists of Microline sections with a working height of 366mm. During the opening of the door, the sections run along a spiral-shaped rail. A powerful drive allows the door to quickly and silently run along the unique rail system.

The spiral door is a contemporary innovation that takes up hardly any installation space thanks to innovations such as the spiral system and the chain drive. The door is not folded but rolls up, with the panels not touching each other, preventing the wear of the door. A spiral door offers a solution particularly suited to spaces where the ceiling construction does not provide room for an overhead door.

The Helix is cheap to maintain thanks to a guaranteed low maintenance period of 200,000 cycles. The springless drive system means no extra maintenance is required. Moreover, the uprights consist of two parts so that the panels can be exchanged quickly and easily in the event of damage.

  • Fast operating: 1.1 m/s
  • Durability/low maintenance
  • Energy saving, high thermal rating, climate control, cost savings
  • Space saving
  • Aesthetics: a wide range of finishes and colours available
  • Light transmittance: various options available
  • Can be automated using radar, radio remotes, induction loops


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ArrowSpiral – Spiral Doors

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