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Portable and removable: your temporary building solution

Our range of external storage buildings is an ideal solution for quickly covering outside spaces, providing a full free-standing structure spanning from 5m to 14m wide, and supplied in ‘limitless’ lengths.

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Cover external spaces effortlessly

Assembled from modular galvanised steel frames and wrapped in a PVC fabric cover, the ends are either left open for access, closed off with PVC sliding walls, or a hi-speed door, to suit your needs.

The fabric cover is anchored to 500mm high concrete ballast blocks with ratchet straps, forming an integral, robust, and stable structure.

Buildings with permanent foundations usually require planning permission, but the Hangar-Box is removeable, therefore, planning permission is normally not a consideration; however, we always ask you clarify this with your local authority.

What it does:

  • External extended covered space for goods and materials
  • No traditional foundation works needed
  • No concrete slab needed, can be installed on any stable surface
  • Can be moved easily to another location
  • Modular sections in stock on the HangarBox range
  • Can be installed with hi-speed doors
  • No planning permission needed

Case Studies

ArrowStore – External Building Storage

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