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ArrowAir offers high-quality air barriers designed to improve energy efficiency and climate control. Our air barriers are ideal for various applications, including automatic doors and pneumatic barriers.

ArrowAir Enershield Air Barriers are an energy-efficient technology that seals open doorways. Reduce heat and air conditioning losses through the door by as much as 90%.

Our air barriers are suitable for a range of commercial and industrial settings. We provide durable and effective solutions for automatic doors with air barrier technology.

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Features of our air barriers: Seal open doorways, save energy

ArrowAir Enershield Air Barriers provided by our trusted partner, Enershield, result in substantial energy savings, as well as creating a more comfortable work environment for employees and customers. Our ArrowAir Enershield Air Barriers have been proven beneficial in certain manufacturing and packaging processes where a contaminant-free environment and/or temperature stability are critical.

ArrowAir Enershield Air Barriers create an effective seal on the doorway by recirculating the facility air in a laminar (smooth) air flow across an open doorway. The kinetic energy in the moving air generates a barrier, like a waterfall, that prevents leakage of air between two areas with different pressure and climate. The more laminar this air flow, the harder it is for outside air to penetrate the barrier.

  • Can create up to a 90% seal on openings.
  • Reduces thermal transfer of air.
  • Stabilises internal temperatures.
  • De-stratifies warm rising air.
  • Reduces egress of odours
  • Enhanced comfort for occupants in the area
  • Reduces ingress of flying insects
  • Saves energy.
  • Protects inventory and packaging.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Reduce ingress of contaminated air and improves indoor air quality.
  • Suitable for refrigerated and freezer storage.
  • Reduce wear & tear on heating & cooling systems.
  • Enables the removal of plastic strip curtains.
  • Manufactured in the UK in a high quality UKCA/CE certified facility
  • Powder coated steel frame construction and sheet metal jacket provide a rigid, corrosion resistant unit to withstand even the harshest environments
  • Acoustic insulation allows for quiet operation
  • Uniform and consistent spacing of blowers, external motor placement on larger units, along with a patented unique diffuser gives the required laminar air flow to efficiently seal the door
  • Telescopic sliders and wall brackets that are provided allow for ease of install/retrofit on most doors
  • Control panel incorporates a Photocell switch which allows for automatic activation upon door opening
  • Custom manufacturer, each order is designed and customised for your application
  • ArrowAir Enershield Air Barriers can be mounted horizontally or vertically

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ArrowAir Enershield Air Barriers

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