LPS1175 Security Shutters

Trusted and certified defence

Our ArrowGuard Shutters are designed for high-security applications, with LPS 1175 levels 1-4 certifications. These robust roller shutter doors are perfect for industrial and commercial environments

Typical applications for this range includes Utilities, Laboratories, Museums & Galleries, Industrial, Retail, Transport Hubs, Banking & Financial.

Designed and manufactured with utmost precision, these security shutters provide unparalleled protection against unauthorised access, theft, and vandalism.



What is LPS1175?

‘LPS’ stands for ‘Loss Prevention Standard’ and LPS 1175 is one of many LPS standards by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board).

The 1175 standard itself focuses on the physical security of ‘intruder resistant building components’, which includes strong-points, security enclosures, free-standing barriers, and any products that fall within those categories, such as doors, fencing and in this particular instance, shutters. 

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has been working with industry and government for more than 100 years to set the standards needed to ensure that fire and security products and services perform effectively. LPCB offers third-party approval confirming that products and services have met and will continue to meet these standards.

All products and companies tested by BRE and approved under the Loss Prevention Standards are listed in the BRE ‘Red Book’. To see the listing for our range of certified LPS 1175 security rated roller shutters go to Redbooklive.com

Manufactured by Arrow Industrial, the shutters are specially constructed to individual project requirements, and each has reinforcement designed to resist sustained attack from a wide range of tools.

LPS 1175 Shutter Benefits

  • Security Levels from 1-4. 
  • LPS 1175 SR2, SR3, and SR4 certifications for high security
  • Electrically operated using 240v or 415v motors with manual operation on smaller shutters using levels 1-2
  • External fitting and perforations to the curtain level 1 shutters
  • 76mm cold rolled scroll sections on levels 1-2 combination of 95mm curved single skin on SR3 shutters with an addition of a 57mm curved double skin aluminium extruded sections on SR4 shutters
  • Polyester Powder Coated where required
  • Guide locks to allow for lockdown of the shutter
  • SR1 and SR2 – 76mm cold rolled scroll sections
  • SR3 – 95mm curved single skin aluminium extruded
  • SR4 – 95mm curved single skin aluminium extruded & 57mm curved double skin aluminium extruded

Security assurance

The changes in terminology explained.

In an ever changing world and as testing becomes more rigorous, standards also evolve and change.

You’ll probably have noticed that in regards to LP1175, some new terminology has crept in and whilst this can be confusing at times, the new security rating titles actually make specifying a much simpler process. When you consider that there are up to 48 different combinations of security measures, you can see why the need to simplify is so important.

Our ArrowGuard LPS1175 Security shutters cover what was known as SR1 up to SR4 levels of security. In todays vernacular, that is specified as A1, B3, C5 and D10. If you have any confusion, we’ve put together this little infographic to explain how the new terms relate to the old versions.

Simply start with your chosen toolkit and then work your way up the table to choose your preferred level of security.

LPS1175 Graph Version 2

For a full breakdown of the testing requirements, including a full list of the tools specific to each band, please download our testing specs below

Case Studies

Learn more about our swift shutter door solutions and explore the range of LPS 1175 certified doors with our client case studies below. 

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