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Are external shutters the best option for the high street?

This is a really emotive subject and one that, let us state right off the bat, there isn’t a correct answer. In high risk areas, shop owners are doing what they can to protect their property by installing external shutters. When you consider that their very livelihood is at risk, it is understandable that these preventative measures would be taken.

But there is a counter argument, mainly from local councils and residents, that external shutters actually promote anti social behavior. This article published in the Telegraph & Argus—police-claim/puts forward a compelling argument against external shutters.

Let’s dig into the most pertinent points.

External shutters can be tampered with without setting the alarm off. That leaves them open to especially, graffiti which is a common issue with external shutters.

On outlets that are closed during the day, external shutters can make the street look oppressive and abandoned which is another issue for residents of that town and indeed one of the main reasons local councils are refusing planning applications to have external shutters installed.

There is a solution and something that offers both security to the shop owner as well as appeasing the residents and local councils when it comes to aesthetics. Internal shutters.

On a high street, internal shutters can be installed in between the glazing and the interior space. This extra deterrent to would be burglars of also having to breach the glass before they even get to the shutter, can be an extra barrier to committing the crime.

The interior gap between the glazing and the shutter, can also be used to display a select amount of wares, creating a more inviting and less “shut off” appearance to the shop front.

The security properties of an internal an external shutter are basically identical, so the customer isn’t losing anything by bringing the shutter inside.

There are of course instances when an internal shutter just won’t work. Space is needed to allow the installation and sometimes that isn’t possible where the glass and the internal retail space are pretty much on top of each other. Some property owners also consider external shutters as the ultimate deterrent to breaking their glass, which can be expensive to replace and therefore the default of an external shutter is often jumped on.

Indoor shopping complexes don’t of course have to deal with the same level of scrutiny from the public eye and in these instances, external shutters are an excellent solution seeing as they don’t impact on the aesthetics of the high street.

We understand that everyone will have an opinion on the best way to utilise shutters, but it’s maybe more important to educate the customer base that alternatives can be offered without compromising security. At Arrow, we have worked on many retail spaces, some that have needed external shutters and some that weren’t aware internal shutters could also be applicable. As experts in the field, isn’t down to the suppliers to help the customers make informed decisions, rather than be led by the customer on product selection, if a more practical solution is available.

If you’re looking at investigating your shop front security needs, let our team of national experts help you make the informed choice. Visit let our team show you the #ArrowExperience.

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