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After facing consistent issues with their security gates, Finlays Beverages needed to address these problems quickly and efficiently. Arrow were approached by Finlays, as our reputation preceded us with regards to our levels of service and professionalism.

Our Approach

The project was entirely based around keeping the Pontefract site as safe as possible from unwanted intruders. With four barriers across the site, it was necessary to address them individually at times that suited the customer to ensure we weren’t inhibiting their operation.

Our first port of call was to establish the deficiencies in their current set-up and provide a solution that remedied these. However, we noticed that a “rip up and start again” approach wouldn’t be necessary as there were elements that could be utilised, if we fixed the issues they were displaying.

It was also necessary to work very closely with the clients IT department such was the level of integration required with their existing systems.

The Arrow team proposed a solution that was accepted by the client and our engineers were put into action.

Over a period of five days we upgraded all the motor and control panels, added free exit loops and safety loops and fitted sounder and battery back-ups. On selected barriers, and working with the IT team, we re-used the existing access control systems and amended the programming to allow for additional numbers to be dialed. One barrier required a 100×100 box section x 3m long catch post with photocells.

Our customer was extremely happy with the results, you can see a video below to illustrate this, and we’re delighted to say that we’ve had no reason to be called back to site to fix any issues such was the level of service and quality we supplied first time round.

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Finlays Beverages
Arrow Industrial
5 days
Survey and installation
4 x motor control panels and sounder and battery back-ups. Photo Cells. PAC system. Safety Loops.

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