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Welcome to ArrowAccess, where industry-leading innovation meets unparalleled reliability in the world of industrial gates and barriers. With a robust blend of design, durability, and cutting-edge technology, we deliver solutions that redefine security and efficiency for your sites.

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Your access to secure peace of mind

Our extensive range of ArrowAccess gates and barriers are designed and engineered to provide optimal security, while seamlessly integrating with your operational environment. Whether your requirement is safeguarding an industrial site, managing traffic flow, or ensuring controlled access to a residential community, ArrowAccess has you covered.

Built to last

  • At Arrow, we don’t compromise on quality. Manufactured using the highest-grade materials, our supply chain of gates and barriers offers exceptional longevity and resilience. Due to our independent position, we are able to offer the widest selection in the UK. Our industrial gates and barriers stand up to both weather and every day general wear and tear, ensuring your investment remains secure over time.

Tailored for you

  • We understand that no two premises are alike. That’s why we offer a spectrum of customisation options to tailor our solutions to your needs. Size, design, finish – whatever your specifications, we adapt our offerings to match them perfectly.

Ease of operation

We believe that advanced security should not come at the cost of user convenience. All ArrowAccess gates and barriers are equipped with user-friendly control systems and can be easily integrated with existing security infrastructure.

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Let ArrowAccess, secure your world while you focus on what you do best.

Remember, every gate we build, every barrier we install, carries the Arrow promise of quality, reliability, and dedicated customer service. ArrowAccess – Your access to secure peace of mind.

Upgrade your security game. Choose ArrowAccess. We’re ready when you are.

Energy efficiency

Our commitment to sustainable practices is reflected in our products. ArrowAccess gates and barriers are designed to minimise energy consumption without compromising their operational efficiency.

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