Ian Brennan

Business Development Manager Scotland
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With over 30 years sales experience, Ian is very familiar with what is important to customers. When dealing with a customer, old or new, he will make sure they get the best service he can offer.

A customer enquiry is always important to Ian, he will make sure he understands what they are looking for so he can get back to them with the specific information they need to allow them to move on with their project.

As an industry expert, Ian’s customers can rely on him to provide them with the technical support they need and this makes him a useful contact for them.

Ian will always endeavour to make dealing with him as straightforward as possible, and will always be on hand to assist with any changes that require attention.

Businesses I have worked for (as an employee)

Gilgen Door Systems, Otis

Customers I have worked with

Mitie, Global Infrastructure, Scottish Water, AJ Engineering
  • Working on large industrial projects, Ian has the skills to identify all areas where he can support and assist the customer.
  • Having had operational roles in the past, Ian can help spot potential pitfalls which can be avoided to make the project go smoothly.
  • Ian recognises the importance of building up relationships with suppliers and customers alike, this helps him offer a more comprehensive service and so making the customers life easier.