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Seal in efficiency, seal out challenges

ArrowDock offers high-quality loading bay doors designed to streamline warehouse operations. Our loading bay doors are suitable for a wide range of applications, providing robust loading bay equipment for efficient warehouse loading.

The doors are engineered for durability, safety, and efficiency in loading bay environments.

Excellent loading bay equipment is essential for commercial and industrial buildings that require the efficient and safe movement of goods in and out of the building. 

Arrow’s loading dock equipment includes shutter doors, dock levellers, dock shelters, vehicle restraints, and traffic lights.

Each of our bay equipment products is designed to provide a specific function and benefit, and all are manufactured to the highest quality and durability standards.

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Bay Doors & Shelters for Protection From The Elements

Dock shelters provide a secure seal between a lorry and a building, protecting against the elements and shielding your loading and unloading areas from adverse weather conditions. 

With its collapsible design and built in rainwater channel the shelter, rain, wind and dust are kept at bay, safeguarding your valuable goods and equipment from potential damage. 

By creating a tight seal around the docking area, dock shelters help maintain a stable indoor temperature, reduce energy consumption, and cut down on heating or cooling expenses. 

Thanks to fewer disruptions caused by weather or other external factors, your team can work uninterrupted, expediting the loading and unloading process and increasing overall productivity.

Seamless transitions, safe deliveries

  • Vehicle restraint devices help prevent unplanned vehicle movement, ensuring the safety of your staff during loading and unloading. We can offer a variety of vehicle restraints depending on your requirements.
  • LED traffic lights are used to signal when it is safe for trailer arrival and departure at the loading dock. 
  • Dock lights safely illuminate dark trailers during the loading and unloading process. 
  • Loading bay doors Ideal for warehouses and industrial facilities that need safe and efficient loading dock operations.

Case Studies

ArrowDock loading bay doors and dock equipment in various sizes, materials, and automation options to fit your specific loading bay needs. See our client case studies for inspiration. come

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