Automatic Shop Doors

Enhance accessibility and seamless people flow with electric sliding doors.

ArrowAuto offers a range of automatic shop doors, designed to provide smooth and efficient access for commercial spaces.

Our electric sliding doors are perfect for commercial use, providing reliable and quiet operation. These commercial automatic doors are designed to handle high traffic like shop fronts with ease.

Automatic doors offer an ideal combination of convenience, safety, and accessibility. Used across a variety of sectors, they enhance user experience by providing easy entry and exit, improving energy efficiency, and facilitating the smooth flow of people in many areas. 

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Automatic Doors With Swift Opening Speed

We pride ourselves on delivering superior solutions that cater to our customers’ unique needs. 

We’ve installed and maintained countless automatic door systems throughout our history, growing and adapting with the technology to provide cutting-edge service.

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The key to our approach is a trusted network of suppliers. We’ve built strong relationships with the most trusted manufacturers of automatic doors in the UK and further afield. This dedicated supply chain ensures we can offer a diverse range of top-quality products, each designed and built to industry-leading standards. It also enables us to provide the most appropriate and effective solutions for our clients, whatever their requirements may be.

From retail establishments to healthcare facilities, industrial premises to educational institutions, ArrowAuto guarantees the highest level of service. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your automatic doors function flawlessly and meet all necessary safety and accessibility standards.

Benefits of Sliding Doors:

Features of our automatic shop doors:

  • Durable construction for high-traffic commercial spaces
  • Electric sliding doors for smooth and quiet operation
  • Safe and reliable with advanced sensors for obstacle detection
  • Standard sliding door: Our most popular and functional automatic door. Tried, trusted, and perfect for entrances and exits with high traffic flow
  • Fast and safe: Our doors offer the maximum opening speed on the market, ensuring swift and secure passage for all users
  • Reduced heat loss: Benefit from improved energy efficiency, reducing heat loss and contributing to a greener environment
  • Maximum safety: With features such as magic eye and safety edges, we prioritise the safety of your users
  • Customisable: Choose from bi-part or single-slide leaf opening, and tailor the sizes, finish options, and colours to fit your brand identity. Choose from various designs and configurations for your commercial space. Our automatic shop doors can be customised to fit your specific requirements
  • Wide range of accessories: We offer a full range of accessories to enhance functionality and user experience

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