Jaguar Land Rover. Spiral Doors

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Arrow was requested to use its range of specialist doors on this installation, via our product design and specifications that met the requirements contained
within the scope of works that JLR Inchcape requested.

Our Approach

The architect had created a very fresh and modern vision and it was vital that our products harmonised with that vision. With many of the products being out in the public view, we had to pay particular attention to matching our product with the exterior face and colour choice. Our expert design advice was also called upon, as with schemes of this nature, functionality
couldn’t be achieved at the detriment of aesthetics.

The door head sections were required to be hidden in tight bulkheads with control panels and wiring that also needed to be hidden and positioned correctly. In certain areas such as customer facing, this was more vital, as attention to detail was very important.

In the case of the spiral doors, these would be utilised many times a day and they needed to be swift in their action. Having a noisy operation would have also impacted in the quality look and feel that Jaguar were very keen to enforce. Thanks to our experts, we were able to have a smooth operation where the precision guide rails provided a straight and true seating for the door to operate within.

As well as the 8 Spiral doors, we also needed to install 6 glazed sectional doors and 4 insulated roller shutters. As with the more customer facing items, these other elements also needed to be complimentary to the overall design required.

Over a period of 6 weeks, our team installed numerous Arrow products that had been specially designed for this project. Working within a tight deadline, we approached this project with shift teams to maintain a constant work pattern and deliver within the required timescale.

JLR Inchcape
Principal Contractor
Hantall Developments
Taylor Design
6 weeks
Design, Survey, Installation
8 x Spiral Doors. 6 x Glazed Sectional Doors. 4 x Insulated Shutters. 2 x Fire Shutters. 7 x Steel Doors

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