Jon Ryan

South Central and South West RBC Manager
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Jon is a conscientious, hardworking individual who prides himself on being the go-to contact that customers turn to for assistance and advice. By listening to and understanding customer needs, Jon is able to advise them on all aspects of any particular contract to ensure the outcome is to their satisfaction.

Having worked as a technical engineer to a regional business manager, Jon has great insight into site issues and personnel. He has worked as a contracts manager delivering prestigious jobs for various companies on time and within or ahead of budget.

Jon works closely with his colleagues to not only assist, but to share and seek knowledge as and when required in either direction.

Businesses I have worked for (as an employee)

Acmex Doors, Henderson Bostwick, Kaba Gilgen, Bolton Gate Services

Customers I have worked with

Hall Hunter Partnership, Powdertech, Swindon Borough Council, National Trust, Lidl distribution centres, Home Base distribution centres, CBRE
  • Full breadth and knowledge of the Industrial door /security products loading bay systems and automatic door sector.
  • Technical surveys to ensure the correct product is specified , working with both the client and internal customers which ensures the product is installed on time and within budget maintain all costs.
  • Worked on large contracts with both the end user and construction to a high level of accuracy.
  • Managing staff and ensuring a team effort is productive and rewarding.
  • Work closely with manufacturing to ensure drawings and specification is correct to any project.
  • Understanding of Key Accounts KPI’S to ensure the company meets any specific requirements.