Coronavirus (COVID-19) Social Distancing Protocol

To Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) ARROW Industrial Group Limited has Implemented a Social Distancing Protocol Throughout our Business in Accordance with Latest Advice from WHO and Public Health England/Public Health Scotland

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Social Distancing Protocol – ARROW People

As a designated ‘Critical Supplier’ to support the nations’s ‘Essential’ business – Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food – ARROW is fully committed to ‘Protect Others by Protecting Yourself’.

In order to protect Our People and Our Customers, ARROW has implemented a Social Distancing Protocol to include colleagues based at all Service Centres, Manufacturing Facilities and Head office.

Sanitisation Stations have been set up at all points of entry/exit to all ARROW buildings for the controlled use of all employees and visitors.

Through this we aim to prevent and reduce the sensitive contamination ‘Touch Points’. Localised Sanitisation Stations have also been installed into working areas and offices. Colleagues who are able to work from home are encouraged to do so reducing non-essential travel and Social Distance of 2.0 metre minimum is being adhered to.

Posters have been produced and are displayed at all prominent touch points giving specific advice based on the location – Office; Toilets; Rest Areas; Points of Entry and Exit.

Visitors to all ARROW business centres will only be allowed on our sites by appointment and for business-critical activities.

Sanitisation Stations with guidance on use will also be in place at a restricted point of entry for the mandatory use of visitors.