For facility locations where there is a history of vandalism and where higher levels of security are of real concern and of paramount importance

Protect your building, store fronts and vulnerable external points with ARROW High Performance Security Roller Shutters

Highly versatile, cost effective and individually designed and manufactured

Twin Wall Aluminium Lath with integrated solid steel anti-cut rod on alternating laths

Extruded aluminium with tensile strength of 230N/m2

Bullet Locks fitted as standard – prevents lifting by winches, jacks and levers

Electronic interlocks controlling bullet locks fitted as standard to prevent operation with bullet locks engaged

Dedicated bottom rail for additional locks for extra security

Can be powder coated to RAL or BS specification

Bespoke manufactured to specific store size

For more information or for specific detail about Security Shutters for your facilities and building please contact us using the simple form below or call ARROW on 01482 228202