The ARROW EMERGENCY EXIT M2 Rapid Roll Door is designed for Interior Applications.

The ARROW Emergency Exit M2 Rapid Roll Door is designed to be exactly
that – an emergency exit for inside applications with intensive use.

An ARROW high speed door with its modern design, Push Pull Technology
with a T-shaped cut in the middle of the curtain.

Just push on the designated spot and the door becomes an emergency exit.

The smooth operation and the low maintenance requirements make it a
perfect door for commercial applications.

The absence of rigid elements in the curtain and the soft bottom edge make
the ARROW Emergency Exit M2 Rapid Roll the safe choice for all personnel.

User Safe – Flexible Curtain without rigid elements or bars
Fast Opening Speeds
Push Pull Techology
Superior Seal without blade or brush
Conforms to EN13241-1

ARROW EMERGENCY EXIT M2 Rapid Roll Door Outline Data