The ARROW CLEAN ROOM D-313 Low Friction Rapid Roll Door is designed for inside applications.

The ARROW CLEAN ROOM D-313 Low Friction Rapid Roll Door is designed for inside applications requiring control of leak flow from one area to the next.

Ideal for interlocks the ARROW CLEAN ROOM, with Its perfect sealing properties, provide environmental control and protect your facilities against drafts, dust and dirt.

The ARROW CLEAN ROOM is the slimmest high speed clean room door available today with ‘Low Friction’ technology combined with a
frequency inverter driven motor – the ARROW CLEAN ROOM Rapid Roll Door is a smooth operator.

Perfect Seal
Minimal Space
User Safe – Flexible Curtain without rigid elements or bars
Crash Forgiving and Self Repairing
Conforms to EN13241-1

New Max Dimensions of w4000mm xH4000mm

ARROW CLEAN ROOM D-313 Rapid Roll Door Outline Data