ARROW custom made Steel Blast and Ballistic Door Sets 

Designed and manufactured to the exacting criteria of BS 5051, BS EN 1063, BS EN 1522 & BS EN 1523,  each door is custom made to precise opening sizes and is available in single leaf and double leaf


Please contact ARROW for more information on suitable ironmongery and specification

Each door is provided in a polyester powder coat finish, available in most Ral or BS colours, and supplied with the ironmongery already installed.

Blast and Ballistic


    Single & Double Blast & Ballistic Steel Hinged Door.

    The wide use of solvents during the drug manufacturing process results in potential hazards from blast situations. It is, therefore, imperative that the process plant designers make provision for the containment of any such blast incidents.

    A considerable number of pharmaceutical blast situations are also in clean room-rated areas and thus require blast rated vision screens from a room into the process area.

    The ARROW Blast Door has the ability to withstand the physical force of a pressure surge yet simultaneously have an appealing aesthetic appearance in line with the other doors in the plant. The door is also easy to operate in day to day use personnel of any build. All defining criteria has been incorporated into our design.

    Critical design elements of our blast resistant doors are: –

    • Door remains shut during blast
    • Door can be opened after blast
    • No plastic or permanent deformation of door or frame takes place
    • Frame remains secure in wall
    • Door unit offers ease of operation in normal use

    The ARROW Blast and Ballistic Door has been designed to resist blast pressure from 0.5 — 50KN/m2 and are available in single leaf, double leaf and leaf & ½ configurations.

    With the unfortunate increase in gun crime and risk from terrorist attack ARROW offer a range of ballistic resistant doors to provide protection against attack by firearms. Doors have been independently tested to BS 5051, BS EN 1063, BS EN 1522 & BS EN 1523 to withstand penetration from a variety of weapons classified under the European standard from B1 — B6.

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