ARROWline Professional Traffic door is designed for high impact store to shop floor applications.

Impact Traffic Doors are often the best solution for those difficult applications where wide loads are passing through narrow door openings.

ARROWline Professional Traffic Doors are engineered specifically to handle the punishment of Supermarkets, Retail Stores, commercial and industrial processes; continuing to operate smoothly and look good with minimum maintenance for many years.

Tough and durable the ARROWline Door has the assuredness of being custom made to within 5mm of your specified door opening.



Tough and Durable

The Arrowline Traffic Door is specifically designed to withstand the knocks and abuse normally associated with Store to Warehouse for high volume supermarkets.

More Swing, More Clearance

250V-cam hinge with industrial roller bearings can swing the door leaf 125o clear of traffic flow even with bumpers installed.
Quality double shielded bearings make the difference, too, ensuring a smooth trouble free operation.
A Neoprene inner seal protects hinge and bearing from dust and moisture extending to provide a positive seal at the door panel, even as the door rises and falls during operation. Further hinge protection is provided by a tough pvc cover that can be colour

Reduces heat loss and sound

Sound abatement and excellent thermal separation with an U value* of 0.1 with perimeter edge gasket to reduce energy flow between environments.

* ‘U’ value of .1 (.092) is based on the door panel and is not offered as a calculation to determine final thermal resistence when installed.

Why choose ARROWline Traffic Doors?

1st Choice for all major supermarkets and retailers

 Durable, robust design and construction

 Lightweight design opens easily  and closes every time

Spring-free design for minimum maintenance

 Patented 2500 V-Cam hinge system

 Unequalled draught sealing ability

 Provides sound retention and thermal separation

 Shatterproof polycarbonate vision panels

 Comprehensive material and colour options

Technical data at a glance

 Door panel  – Lightweight, opens easily and closes every time.

Dimensions – Overall panel thickness is 22mm, skin thickness is 2mm

High performance – Door blade panel faced in 2mm High Impact ABS

Thermal and sound Excellent thermal separation with an U value of .1*

Internal reinforcement – a 25mm diameter hinge post is securely fixed in the spine running the full length of the panel and set into the jamb guard for structural stability and strength.

Reduces heat loss – replaceable perimeter edge gasket is used to reduce energy flow between environments – the door comes as standard with gasket along the leading, back and bottom edges

For more information on the ARROWline Professional Traffic Door just Call ARROW on 01482 228202 or use the Contact form to foward details of your store or warehouse