ARROW custom made Steel Acoustic Door Sets 

Each door is manufactured to exact opening sizes and is available in single leaf and double leaf


We can offer an almost infinite variety of colour options and ironmongery.

Each door is provided in a polyester powder coat finish, available in most Ral or BS colours, and supplied with the specified ironmongery already installed.


    Single & Double Acoustic Steel Hinged Door.

    To maximise sound insulation, it is necessary to minimise vibrations in and through a structure and hence minimise transmission. The degree of sound transmission will depend on a number of factors: mass, stiffness and insulation.

    ARROW Acoustic Doors are manufactured from steel, providing greater mass than other raw materials. Through extensive research the core materials and combinations have been developed to improve both insulation and stiffness.

    Many sound insulation systems fail to meet the design specification due to the fact that although the insulating structure performs satisfactorily it is not perfectly sealed to the surrounding structure. A very small air gap can allow a very large amount of sound energy to be transmitted and hence cause an acoustic ‘short-circuit’.

    For example, a 5mm gap at the bottom of a door capable of reducing sound transmission by 45dB would result in an overall sound reduction of only 25dB. In other words 250 times as much sound energy is transmitted underneath the door as through the door. Even the slightest gap can materially reduce the sound attenuation performance of a structure and it is extremely important to consider not only the design of the door, but also the installation of the door and the design of the wall.

    The sound insulation performance can be described over a range of frequencies as the Sound Reduction Index in dB. The ARROW range of Acoustic Doors provide a variety of sound reduction capabilities from Minimal to Excellent.

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