Are You Losing Money?

Every Time You Open Your Door?

Let ARROW assist you understanding the impacts doors could be having on your energy costs.

ARROW can now offer a local assessment* of your premises taking in to account operational and environmental factors, to produce an illustrative report* on the potential energy and costs* that are literally evaporating out of your open doors.   

Contact ARROW now to arrange your local survey, assessment and ROI*

This service* will highlight potential options to you from the ARROW range that may offer savings to improve the energy loss from your buildings and also help with other factors such as noise, odour, and operational effectiveness that may be important to your business. 

*All local assessments should be seen as indicative illustrations. Gas/Electricity prices for business are currently on a continual upward trajectory but prices may come down in the future.


ARROW Guide to Energy Saving and ROI*

With news emerging in early February that the predicted cost increases in the wholesale energy market would impact the UK with a massive 54% rise in the energy price cap for homeowners, it has prompted all of us to be more concerned with reducing our energy consumption and waste. 

As business owners and responsible employers, we must also face the fact that this price increase will have even more impact in the workplace, where the price cap does not protect businesses. With the legal and social need to provide suitably heated work environments for staff and colleagues, simply turning off the thermostat is not an option.  

At ARROW we know that some of the most significant losses of heat in buildings comes roller shutters and sectional doors being opened: doors you use every day in your business. Whether continuously opening or closing or just left open for the full working day. Heat that is lost from these slow to open and close doors is an obvious starting point when assessing how you can reduce your energy wastage and reduce these opening times. 

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