Giesse DualAir® Fast Acting Fold-Up Door

Our client’s traditional sectional overhead door to their loading bay was constantly being left open when deliveries arrived, losing heat from the building.  Being located underneath the Queen Elizabeth Bridge at Dartford means continual traffic noise, combined with uninterrupted windy and blustery conditions from the Thames Estuary makes this a demanding location for doors.

The scope was to provide a solution that not only reduced heat loss but could persevere working in such a challenging environment.

We opted for the Giesse DualAir® Fast Acting Fold-Up Door as it ensures high safety with a unique double skinned curtain. Offering impressive thermal and sound insulation, the internal trellis mechanism provides high wind resistance.  Set with an opening speed of 0.8m per second, the open/close cycle of 15 seconds will make significant savings to heat loss and fast ROI.

Soon after the install there was a severe weather warning forecast, including extreme high winds. We took this opportunity to visit site to gather feedback from our valued customer. They observed not only had there been a noticeable reduction in both road and wind noise, but the factory was warmer and the heating wasn’t on constantly, resulting in better working conditions for their employees. With energy costs on a steep rise, our client is looking forward to seeing the real and immediate impact of their new DualAir® Door in reduced energy bills.

DUAL-Air® doors represent an innovation in the Fast Acting Fold-Up doors sector. Thanks to its double curtain, the belts for lifting and supporting metal trellis are installed within the curtain, making sure that people are not exposed to any risks when the door is being operated.

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