Protect Work Areas and People with PVC Screens and Partitioning

Separate areas in the workplace to help maintain Social Distancing with PVC Strips and PVC Sheets

Effective Screening and Flexible Adaptation for Social Distancing and to Create Sneeze/Cough Barriers for Cost Effective Protection

Retail, Office and Production Facilities – Food, Pharmaceutical and Non-Food Essential Businesses

Cost Effective to Separate and Protect Large Working Areas

Available in Clear, Opaque or Transparent Colour

Thicknesses from 0.2mm – 12.0mm

PVC Strips 100mm – 400mm cut to length or 50mtr Rolls

PVC Sheets   1200mm – 2200mm Available in 20mtr – 50mtr* Rolls or can be cut to length

*Depending on thickness

High Transparency Sheets available  0.3mm to 1.0mm

  • Highest transparency in the market
  • Fire retardant or Non Fire Retardant
  • UV resistant
  • Flat and low shrinkage for easy welding

Antibacterial PVC Rolls Also Available

200mm x 2mm – 50mtr Rolls

300mm x 2mm – 50mtr Rolls

Please call 01482 228202 or email for more information, availability and prices

All ARROW PVC Products are made from NON-PHTHALATE plasticisers for maximum safety of people and environment

Clearly Transparent Versatile Screening

Simple Effective Protection for Colleague and Customers

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    Protect People and Merchandise